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Linear Actuator with Integrated Length Control System

linear actuator

Linear Actuator with Integrated length control system measures, Display the length of actual position to projected position of an actuator. Integrated length control system comprised of below;

 Linear Actuator:

Linear Actuator of varying Length from 50mm to 600mm, As per Customer application based on their requirement.

Linear Position Displacement Sensor:

* The Stroke-Length varies with respect to the aligned Actuator used in the Control System. 

 *Operating Voltage: 10 V 

 *Resistance: 5K ohm. 

Process Indicator: 

 * Input : 0-10V dc/0-20mA/4-20mA.

 * Supply : 190~265 VAC. 

 * Indication : 7 Segments. 

 * Range : 9.999/99.99/999.9/9999(Selectable).


#Expansion of objects-Stroke Length can be measured from initial position to the target position with Process indicator equipment.  #When flat polished metal component is used, then wrapping in glass substrate can be measured. 

 #Gaps and change in gaps. 

#Vibrations-In Industries, Sensor is used as application to resist the shock and vibration,

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#Expansion of objects

linear actuator