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Electronics Instruments Manufacturer & System Integrator for Automation Solutions

Custom made solutions for customers need.
We are providing the custom solutions according to the need of the customer and we provide the solutions with the global standards and remarkable precision
Global standard industrial Product for Global customers
​We kathirSudhir automation team focus on Industrial automation and produce it with the international standards
Pioneer in healthcare automation
We as a team provide valuable solutions for the healthcare related day to day activities
Automation Test Solution and it's Integration

About Us

 We have a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to finding and understanding your day-to-day uneasy activities and providing Custom Automation and Product solutions with innovative electronic instruments and products to make your process simple. We will delight our customers with cost-friendly, reliable and enhanced services and products.
       It is our mission to provide engineering and automation solutions to our customers that streamline their processes and increase efficiency. We offer a wide range of services, including automation and equipment procurement, that are tailored to each customer’s individual needs. Our team of experienced engineers is constantly finding new ways to improve our offerings and exceed customer expectations.
      At our company, we focus on manufacturing industrial process control equipment and the development and customization of electronic products and services. Our embedded solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of your business, and we can also provide substitute components for imported products.
      Additionally, we offer special purpose machine controllers, test boxes, and setups for automotive ECU verification and testing. Our suitcase model ECU verification test setup is especially useful for quality assurance teams at original equipment manufacturer locations, as it allows them to quickly and easily assess part quality. Our CAR PLAY Certification Bench is designed for leading car manufacturers.
        We support the latest software flashing and updates at car manufacturing locations and ECU part manufacturer locations. Our lab vehicle test benches and Vsim car simulations allow for the integration of all electronics control units to create a lab car simulation test.

Our Business Area

 Industrial Business Unit

 Automotive Business Unit


Our Expertise

Automation Integration

Automation Integration Solution

We offer a wide range of Automation solution for your customized requirements in different sectors such as Industrial, Healthcare, Automotive, Home and office Automation ect...

Electronic Instrument

Electronic Instrument and Test Box

High-quality electronic instruments and test boxes for a variety of industries. From voltage testers to signal generators, our products are designed to provide accurate and reliable results.


Special Purpose Machine Controller

Looking for a customized machine controller that meets your specific production needs? Our Special Purpose Machine Controller is the solution! Designed to optimize manufacturing processes, our controllers offer efficient automation and seamless integration.


Obsolete Control System Supports

Looking for support for your outdated control system? We offer obsolete control system support services to keep your systems running smoothly.

Special Component Support

Special component support offers customized solutions to complex technical challenges. Our experts provide personalized assistance and guidance to ensure your project's success. Trust us for all your unique component needs.

Linear Electric Actuator

Linear Electric Actuator and It's Application Based Customized Control System

linear electric actuator and a customized control system for various applications. This system provides precise and efficient control, improving performance and reducing downtime.


Mobility Solutions For Specially Abled Persons

mobility solutions for individuals with disabilities, ensuring their independence and convenience. Our products and services cater to diverse needs, enhancing accessibility and safety.

patients cot

Healthcare Furniture System Automation

Introducing healthcare furniture system automation - the ultimate solution for enhancing patient care and comfort while optimizing workflow. Improve efficiency, safety, and patient satisfaction with our state-of-the-art system.

Different Types of Electrical Cots Control System Sales and Service

We offer a variety of electrical cot control systems for sale and service, including wired and wireless options. Our experienced team ensures seamless installation and ongoing support for maximum comfort and convenience.


Indigenization Products

Indigenization products promote cultural diversity, support local businesses, and enhance sustainability. By offering such products, companies can create a positive impact on the community and contribute to preserving indigenous heritage.

Power Supplies

Power Supplies and Customized Process Control Equipment

We provide reliable power supplies and customizable process control equipment for various industries. Our products ensure efficient operations and superior performance. Contact us for your specific needs.

Automotive Test Solution and It's Integration

We offer comprehensive Automotive Test Solutions with seamless integration to ensure efficient testing of vehicles and components, enabling reliable performance.



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Alert System and it's Service
Data Logging System
Healthcare Furniture system Remote Control and it's Accessories
Multiband Control System and it's service
Automation Solution and Service
Special component support services
Cot Service