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Linear Actuator For Healthcare Furniture/Automation Systems

linear actuator in india
Linear Actuator 
    • Linear Actuators are majorly used in hospital beds, operation theatre beds, dental chairs and other furniture that can be automated. 
    • In addition, it can be integrated to design the modular kitchen. We offer best in class actuator based on the functionalities and preference of our customers.
    • We offer long maintenance-free actuators, proper torque/weight ratio.
    • Quality being the prime concern, we offer highly durable range of ICU control unit.

    • Different types of connectors are also available.



    • Our entire product range is abrasion resistant in nature and ensures high strength. offered product is delivered in standard lengths and dimensions and is configured with advanced techniques.ICU Control Unit is quality assured and comes in budgetary limits. We are supplying control unit for hospital ICU bed to control the head, leg, height and tilt actions.

    1.Easy installation.
        2.Low maintenance cost


health care

The remote controller for the electric cot can be used to turn any 

electric or electronic hospital cot into a remote controlled hospital bed, 

with all the main functions of the bed and other activities.

This technology has been developed over the last 10 years. 

The major advantages include that it saves time, money and space. 

  • hospitals with financial constraints to have a high-quality equipment set, 

because they are not obliged to buy everything under one purchase contract


General Specifications of our Remote

• Input pin is customizable
• 1 meter spiral cable
• Customized to fit your own control unit.
• Can be made with your company name on it.
• Material used: ABS
• ISO certified.

Applications of Remote

•Remotes are used as the input device for the control unit
•Remotes are used to control various control units by providing proper inputs
•In hospitals,these remotes are widely used.

JDR Remotes

We Also Offer Different Brands of Remote Controls and Customized Remote Controls with your Require Operating Functional  Requirement 

Control Systems
General Specifications of our control units:
  • Input voltage: 230V AC 
  • Frequency: 50Hz 
  • Operating voltage:24V DC/12V DC.
  • Current rating:2.3A/6A
  • Material used: ABS
  • ISO certified.

• Control units are used to operate the actuators for the automation
• We make control units for the custom solutions like special purpose                 machine
• We have control units for the length controller, timer control, etc…,
• Control units found various functions in the both Industrial and Healthcare       sectors
• In Hospitals control units are used to control the Hospital cots, dental               chairs, gynecology couch, etc..,
• Control units have applications in the beauty parlor chairs also.


The definition of an electric hospital bed is that the bed is electrically operated and has a complex structure. Today, the new product in science and technology development is the application of intelligent control systems to electric hospitals and patients beds. The intelligent control system is often used in hospital beds to monitor patient condition, adjust bed posture with each other, and recommend clinical interventions when necessary. Electric hospital cot automatic conversion function provide sufficient support for movement or operation. Electric patients beds conversion into an easy-to-carry friendly product has made it very flexible in practical application environments.

We Also Offer Various Models Control Units

  Lifting a patient manually can cause physical strain to carers, who can injure themselves as they try to carry patients.
The situation becomes even more difficult when the person is unable to move or stand up on their own.
Thus, Patient lifts are essential to homes and healthcare facilities. Our products make lifting a person from a wheelchair/Bed or wherever with ease.
Electrical Patient lift or Hospital Patient lift is designed to lift and move or transfer patients from one place to another. 
For example;
 From Bed to chair, chair to toilet, chair to stretcher or chair to bath etc.
  • Powered patient lifts provide convenience and safety when transferring patients from one place to another place. 
  • Electric patient lift not only make moving more manageable for the patient, but also assists those who are providing care for them.
Types of Patient Hoist Transfer System widely in Market:
  • Manual Lifts – Economical, operated by caregiver with hydraulic power.
  • Fully Electric – No strain on the caregiver, good for home or institutional use.
  • Stand up Lifts – Helps patient go from sit-to-stand position, manual and electric models available.
By Application;
  • Swimming pool lifts – Lifts the swimmer in and out of the swimming pool with ease.
  • Bathtub lifts – allowing for easy bathing-tool fr ee.
Patient Slings:
*Patient slings are a key component when using a lift. 
*The sling is what holds the patient and connects to the lift.                                                                                       
*Slings come in many shapes and fabrics and are designed for different support levels and uses. 
*When ordering a sling you should consider the support needs of the patient and the activity of the patient, 
  be it for lifting the elderly from a wheelchair or transferring them so they can go to the bathroom, bathing etc.
  • Size  L x W X H                   : 940 mm X 685 mm  X 1370mm.
  • Weight carrying capacity   :100 / 120 kg.
  • size                                      :4″ inch wheel.
  • Materials                             : Rust resistant  MS powder coated material.
  • operation                            : UP and Down Control By remote switches.
  • Hoist Color                         :Blue with White.
  • Net Hoist Weight                :40kg.
  • Net Sling Weight                :1.75 kg
  • warranty                             :1 year.
  • height carrying capacity    :100 / 120 kg.
  • Sling life time 2 year.
Sling types
  • Lifting from Floor.
  • lifting from  Bed  / Wheel chair / toilet. 
Other facilities
    •   24VDC Electric motor control .
    •   Emergency Stop switch to stop immediately.
    •   360 degree Rotation of the Spreader Bar for a Simplified Position,    we can lift patient from any direction .                                             
    •   The hoist is available in 100kg and 120kg models.
    •   We do customize the patient lifter based on customer special            requirements.
Advantages to user
  •  Very useful for aged and disabled person including patient.
  •  Easily operated and single care taker enough to operate this machine.
  •  Electrically operated .
  •  We can supply length of slings to fulfill patients needs even lifting from floor.
  •  Very easy to move the patient from bed to wheel chair and vice versa.
Why do you buy From Us : 
  • Customized Hoist and Sling as per your special need/ requirements.
  • 1Ton weight capacity rope used for both model slings.
  • Warranty and Service and technical Support.
  • Quick Support via Video call if required.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Zero Maintenance.
  • Made in India .

Patient Chair Lift

Patient lift chair

 Specification                       :540mm*520mm*1000mm(L*B*H) .


  Weight carrying capacity  :100/120kg.

  Wheel size                          :4’Rubber caster wheel with 360 deg rotation.

  Made of rust resistant       :MS material.

  Powder coated with Blue and white color.

 Provided with removable Cushion seats and belts.

 Adjustable height with holder mechanism.


Single Function Electric Cot

Single Function Electric Cot

  • A single functioned device with head   adjustment(up,down).
  • Designed to find application for knee rest function.
  • Elevation for upper body that alleviates back pain and benefits patients with asthma.
  • Patient safety guaranteed with easy lifting side rails.
  • Removable and interchangeable head and foot panel.
  • Remote controlled function.
  • Extended warranty as an Optional feature.
two function electric cot

Two Function Electric Cot

  • Fowler cot controls the head adjustment(up, down) and height adjustment(high and low).
  • Fowler position helps to improve breathing due to chest expansion mainly during respiratory distress.
  • Easy lifting guard rails for patient safety and comfort.
  • Fowler position is also used to implement oral and gastric feeding tubes to the patient.
  • It has a remote with 2 meters of expandable wires.
Three function electric cot

Three Function Electric Cot

  • Head-tilting, knee-tilting, and height adjustment with electric motors.
  • Easy lifting guard rails for patient comfort and safety.
  • Detachable high quality ABS head and foot panel.
  • Holder for urine bag and provision for I.V. rods.

Size                     : 2100mm(L)*1050mm(W)*590mm(H).

Minimum height : 550mm (without mattress).

Maximum height :750mm (without mattress).

Brand                   : SIRASU.

Color                    : white and blue.

      1.Height adjustment , Backrest , Knee rest are electrically operated with           handset.
      2.CRCA tubular frame work.
      3.Four section perforated CRCA sheet top.
      4.Tuck away type polymer rails.
      5.Removable Polymer head and foot boards.
      6.Four heavy duty swivel castors of 125mm diameter (two with break).
      7.Four locations for I.V. rod.
      8.Pretreated and epoxy powder coated.
ICU electric cot


  • ICU bed(five function) is mainly designed to meet the needs of patients.
  • Head rest, knee rest, height adjustment.
  • Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg adjustment via a remote control.
  • Easy lifting guard rails for patient safety and comfort.
  • Elevation of upper body benefits patient with asthma.
  • Elevation of lower body benefits patient with swollen leg and feet.
  • Helps to alleviate back pain.
  • Optional: CPR position button to reach the zero position quickly.
  • Holder for urine bag and provision for I.V.rod.

X Ray Viewer

    • Being the reckoned names in the industry, offering performance based array of X ray viewer that are valued for high quality and durable standards.
    • They are performance oriented and are configured with advanced methodologies.
    • X ray viewer is used in varied medical centers and is clinically approved. Moreover, We offer them in stipulated time limits.We also offer Automatic power saving X ray view box.

     1.Good quality.

     2.Low Maintenance.

     3.Easy to use.

  • We are the service provider of Hospital bed cot Actuators, Control Units, and Hand Control Remote.
      Bed Upgradation:
  • Head Adjustable Manual Bed into Electric Remote Controllable Bed.
  • User can adjust their convenient position at any time
  • Easy to use
Electric Actuator Services:
  • We are providing equivalent electric actuators for the replacement of problems or not working actuators.
Control Unit Service:
  • Identifying and addressing electronic malfunctions within control units for seamless operation.
  • Expert repairs for damaged circuit boards to maintain the overall performance of the control unit.
  • Any Brand any condition We will service and rectify the problem to function in a good working condition.
  • If the problem is not rectified or non-serviceable control units we are providing the equivalent control units for the bed cots.
Electric Remote Control Services:
  • We are Verifying the remote control’s ability to communicate effectively with hospital cots and actuators.
  • Customizing remote control settings for specific hospital cot configurations.
  • Here having some of the equivalent model remotes that are suitable for L&K and Jiecang brand control unit.

We understand the importance of regular maintenance, we are delighted to introduce our exclusive 

Service support for Electrical Bed Cot Inspection.  


The Electrical Bed Cot Inspection Service support encompasses the following: 


  • A thorough inspection of all Electrical bed cots by our expert and trained service personnel. 
  • Custom adjustments, including height and alignment, are tailored to individual user preferences for an enhanced sleeping experience. 
  • Inspection of control units – after inspection we will provide a detailed service report. 
  • Inspection of Hand Control Remotes – after inspection, we will provide a detailed service report 
  • Inspection of Actuators – after inspection, we will provide a detailed service report 
  • Inspection of OT Table (Control unit, Hand control, Actuators) – After inspection, we will provide a  detailed service report 


We are pleased to inform you that all these inspections are done at the customer’s place.

If any spares are found to be defective during the inspection, we will give you a detailed service report and estimation for the defective replacement spare. 


To schedule your Electrical Bed Cot Inspection Service support, simply contact 

our customer service care at 9176628085.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 A linear actuator is a device that converts rotational motion into linear motion, or vice versa. It typically consists of a motor, a lead screw or a belt drive, and a mechanism for converting the rotational motion of the motor into linear motion.

 Linear actuators are used in a wide variety of applications, such as in industrial machinery, automation equipment, robotics, medical devices, and even home automation systems. They are used to move or control various mechanical components such as valves, gates, slides, and doors.

A patient hoist, also known as a patient lift, is a device used to assist caregivers in transferring patients with limited mobility from one location to another. It helps to reduce the risk of injury to both the patient and caregiver.

Patient hoists provide several benefits, including increased safety for both the patient and the caregiver, reduced risk of injury from manual lifting, and improved patient comfort and dignity during transfers. They also allow individuals with mobility issues to be more independent and maintain their quality of life.

An electric cot for patients uses a motorized system to raise or lower the head, foot, or entire bed, allowing patients to find the most comfortable position. The controls are typically located on a handheld remote or attached to the bed, making it easy for patients or caregivers to adjust the bed’s position.

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