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Linear Actuator for the Measurement of range of motion

linear actuator

Use-Case for the Linear Position Sensor in Linear Actuator for the Measurement of range of motion.

In this use case, We will be focusing on the solution provided by the Linear Position Sensor

Let us consider a Gravel manufacturing company, Which manufactures tons and tons of Gravel for construction purposes. There will be a chamber the materials are stored by opening and closing the valve. 

Calculating the distance traveled by the valve and time duration, we can determine the amount of Gravel deposited in the chamber.

Distance traveled by the valve is determined using a Linear Position Sensor at the valve. Time duration is calculated based on the time when the LPS with Linear Actuator has been activated. 

So by this method, we can know how much Gravel is in the chamber. We can also determine the overloading and rectify the issue when it happens, For more product like this kindly visit our website https://electricactuator.in/

linear actuator