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Digital Inclinometer for Industrial

Digital Inclinometer​

Inclinometer is a device used to measure the magnitude of the digital inclination angle or deformation of any structure.

Inclinometer is used to measure the slope gradient.

Inclinometer reads variation angle right,left,top and bottom.

digital Inclinometer


  • Compact in Size.
  • Input Voltage  : 12V DC.
  • Current rating  : <500mA.
  • Angle Indication : 7 Segment LED Display.
  • Alert  : Buzzer/Siren.
  • Sensor Used  : GY-61.
  • Accuracy  : +/- 2 degree.


  • In all types of Industries and Manufacturing sectors including;
  • Agricultural and Industrial vehicle tilt monitoring and particularly in Mine vehicles.
  • Irrigation vehicles.
  • Medical Sector.
  • Food and Beverages Sectors.
  • Position feedback for solar tracking systems.
  • Platform leveling and monitoring.
  • GPS compensation etc;  

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