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Advantages of Electric cot

Advantage-of-electric cot

A hospital electric cot bed is specially designed to meet the needs of the hospital environment or other needs of some form of health care or home care. Its gives ultimate comfort to patient & electric cot.


The best features of hospital electric bed is more adjustable, more comfortable and more flexible. But the manual bed do not give more comfort and needed rest

  • Using of electric bed in hospital is more simple but the manual bed is more difficult to use.
  • These electric beds offers you to automatically adjust various parts of the bed by simply pushing a button but compare with manual bed it needs more manpower and need to be moved or adjusted by using hand cranks it is difficult if you have less strength.
  • Advantage-of-electric cot
  • Manual bed needs more effort and more manpower as compare with electric bed. Manual beds may not move to as many positions as electric beds.
  • Electric bed have control panel, these control panel is looks like television remote so it is very easier to use and easily to change the preferred position of bed based on health condition or patient needs.
  • The various features in electric bed is adjust head and leg position, tilting, overall bed ups and down without putting any effort, nurse calls, patient moving alarm system etc.
  • Typically hospital electric bed has a control panel, in that nurse can make adjustments to the bed depending on the patient needs, and patient also use the control panel to do things like adjustment, tilting, nurse calling system, patient-doctor calling in case of any emergency.
  • Hospital electric bed typically also have side rails, it would helps the patient to prevent patient falling from bed. These rails makes patient more comfortable. These rails can be raised or lowered. Lowering the rails is allow the staff to shift the patient to wheeled stretcher.
  • Hospital electric bed have so many health benefits than a standard manual bed , it may help with back problems, blood circulation, shoulder and neck discomfort, joints problems and alleviating pain from problematic areas, For more product like this kindly visit our website https://homecarebed.in/

patients cot

A patient’s cot is a comfortable and adjustable bed that can be used in hospitals, clinics, or at home for individuals who require medical care. These cots are designed to provide patients with a safe and supportive environment to rest, recover, and receive medical treatment. With features such as adjustable height, tilt, and headrest, patients can enjoy optimal comfort and ease during their recovery process. Overall, a patient’s cot is an essential piece of medical equipment that can greatly benefit those in need of medical care.

patients cot

hospital cot

A hospital cot is an essential piece of equipment in any medical facility. It provides a comfortable and safe resting place for patients, whether they are recovering from surgery or receiving treatment for an illness. Hospital cots are designed to be adjustable, with features such as headrests and footrests that can be raised or lowered to accommodate different positions. They are also often equipped with side rails to prevent patients from falling out of bed. Overall, hospital cots are a crucial component of patient care and recovery in hospitals and healthcare centers around the world.

cot for patients

A cot for patients is a medical bed designed for patients who require extended periods of rest or immobilization. It’s typically adjustable, with various positions that can help patients feel more comfortable and promote healing. Cots for patients are commonly found in hospitals, but they’re also useful for home care. They come in a range of sizes and materials to suit different needs and preferences.